Guitar sun


I hope you liked :slight_smile:

Any criticism is welcome


Hi there,
nice looking model! The guitar stand, strings and other metal parts look really good.

But the body texture looks odd. The scale of the texture is too small, and i think the wood grain should be turned 90 degrees. It looks more like a shed wall at the moment. Also guitars tend to have a high gloss clearcoat on.

Dust on the scratchplate looks good!

Nice work!

Good to now, thanks for tips Sami. :slight_smile:

I have to disagree with Sammy, I think the wood texture looks unique, as if it’s handmade. Now if you’re going for a production model guitar, then yeah, maybe it look a little odd, but to me it looks like a custom guitar(I’ve actually seen one similar). I think it looks great.

I agree with @cmomoney, this texture makes your guitar one in a kind. And, to be honest, I saw stranger guitars than this one :slight_smile: It’s a great render, I just find shadows a little bit too distracting - I know, that playing with light was a matter of this picture also, but to be honest, for the first sight I wasn’t sure what am I looking at :slight_smile: