Guitar yafray

Hi! everyone. :smiley:

I made guitar and simple chair.

[Guitar and Chair]


If you have interest to me, please mail me.

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Nice modelling!

The chair, guitar and floor are oilled?

Tooooooo shiny!!


  • Change the textures of chair and wall.


good model, but you have to tune yafray a bit… sadly I don’t know how, I usually use the internal render

Thank you for advice!

The wall was too noisy.
So, I cleaned the wall.

Sorry, I have not changed the chair and guitar texture.
I’ll try later.


karurofu: very good modelling. I liked your first guitar (first render).

C&C: I don’t like how shiny the chair is. Take the reflectivity way down. Chairs are rarely varnished in the real world (play on specularity, and if you must give 10 to 30% reflectivity at the most). But that’s a guess (and yafray’s speed is a PITA).

Also, more samples: the strings are jaggy.

It has an obvious potential to be photoreal, so don’t feel bad about my comments. I hope you’ll find them constructive (however many many hours you already spent to make this perfect).


I agree with the above - less reflection on the guitar, smoother strings, but everything else looks just fine. The peg board is very handsome, and the string ends on the body side (I can’t remember what it’s called!) look perfect. BTW, nice lighting, too.

And I don’t know much about classical guitars (I assume this is one by the width of the fingerboard and body size), but what is the white ring around the sound hole?

:o :smiley: I like the guitar model! The chair model isn’t prefect, but it’s really good.

P.S. I noticed a cartoon-like outline on the chair. Is that a shadow on the wall?

Neat modeling and nice render, but to be honest I don’t see any reasong of rendering such a scene in yafray. I’d suggest rendering in Blender internal with AO, and work on the material settings. The chair and guitar might use slight bumping as well as the wall.(which by the way never works in yafray).

Good luck!


The guitar is a bit too reflective, but I like it. The chair is a bit weird, but it looks like it could be fixed by perhaps a few well placed edge loop cuts.

Very nice image. The wires look a bit pixelized though

I’m seeing bad sampling artifacts. Up your shadow quality in the GI settings. Also up you general GI quality. this shoud get rid of that weird crap around the Guitar and by the floor molding.

If you aren’t using yafray .007, you need to upgrade to fix those artifacts since the pathlight isn’t as good in older versions.

The guitar itself is excelent. I don’t quite like the chair modeling with the tapered legs…

I think the first wall you did was better than #2, but it could be even better - add cracks and details and don’t use procedurals. Oh, and keep the reflection of the chair!

With a few improvements this image could be classic.

Like all who posted above me, fix the shinyness on that chair.
And the wall looks a bit rough around the guitar and the wooden line seperating it from the floor.

white ring is a sound hole cover :smiley:

I used sharp effect in image viewer.
So, maybe it is a sharp shadow . :smiley:

thank you for many post for me. :smiley:

And, sorry for my english.
I’m a japanese high school student.
So, I’m studying english now.

The only guitar i have ever seen that was that reflective was covered in chrome (Joe Satriani’s Chrome Boy). You shouldn’t be able to see a reflection of the chair at all, it’s too far away.

The white around the sound hole looks kinda ugly and the sound hole itself should be bigger (If you rescale it, keep the outer ring of the white where it is)

Also the frets are just plain odd. The instrument would not be able to play anything.

The bridge is too far down the body and also the end of the fretboard continues way too far.

Also, the headstock is really ugly and it looks unrealistic with all the tuning keys lined up perfectly like that.