here is a quick guitar that I made yesterday

the guitar looks good, although the attachment of strings might be made a bit more realistic.

I have another question tho, I saw you have a load of stuff on turbo squid, and I was wondering if you ever sold anything on there, and if it is worth the trouble of putting it on there?

DoF but no AO? :confused:
the modeling is pretty good, but the body needs more polys, they’re easily visible at this resolution.

Thanks guys
@Biglines I dont have loads of stuff on there :stuck_out_tongue: but i sell about 5-10 dollars worth per month… its not much but its something :stuck_out_tongue:

oh ye and i will give it a render with AO cranked up allot more and with another layer of subsurf :slight_smile: i should have that up tonight or tomorrow :slight_smile:

it’s a little too perfect, some small scratches, etc. would be nice.

Also, give it a reflection map and turn on reflection, it should be shiny