A schecter C-1 Elite Guitar.

tell me what you think.


it needs some materials.

what do you mean…?

I think AMDBCG means that you need to add some material to the body of the guitar. Although, personally, I do like the silvery colour of the guitar.

I like the modeling work. Quite detailed from what I can see and It looks very similar to a Samick my brother uses.

However, to improve the image, I would suggest a different point of view for the guitar and a background. Maybe leaning against the wall in your bedroom or against an amp. The way it is right now makes it look like a 2D image. The image is also rather low quality, I can see colour distortions around the guitar body. Also, the red colour in the background doesn’t (IMO) do much for the image.

As a model, I like it :smiley: but as a render, I think it’s far from being complete;

It needs more materials and if you want a nice still image, I suggest you try different camera and lamp position…

Have a look at this :wink:

thanks for the advice guys. I’ll get to work on it soon.

i worked on this for a few days off and on and this is what I came up with. It’s my Fender Starcaster Electric Guitar. What do you think?

it’s a lot better than mine.

i did have a very good Bc rich virgin but i lost it :confused:

@joshdrummer: The materials look a bit flat for one, and I also think it’s kind of rude to post in someone else’s thread…

So do i. Make your own thread buddy!

alrite, srry