Well, after some work on adding details I consider it as finished… The guitar. And the beginner guitar player’s room. :slight_smile:
I modelled the guitar after my own, but the room (or rather its corner…) is an improvisation.
This is my first serious Cycles-rendered scene (hope it looks good enough). :slight_smile:

I’ve never owned a guitar, but that one looks huge. Other than that, looks pretty nice.

yeah scene looks nice, but scale is off…guitar and coke cans too big :slight_smile:

I’ve made a short animation showing the scene from different points of view.

Everything looks quite realistic. I did notice the scale being off but everything else is great! Did you use simulation with the cloth? It looks sweet.:cool:

Sure, the cloth is simulated. Had to bend and position it the right way before the simulation, though, to get the wrinkles right. :slight_smile:

Yes, you have some troubles with the coke cans scale. Try pressing Ctrl + A and click on Scale to reset the scale size.