my guitar is almost done being built I am just having trouble picking colors for it. I was curious to know if someone could help with making the guitar with the specs i have to get an idea of what it will look like before I get to staining and painting. Pic below of the guitar shape.

and what it looks like cut in real time.

Hello, I was just thinking of making a guitar, so I would love to help you with your project. Please get back to me one here and we can discuss it further.

Do you have any more references etc? This looks like it could be pretty fun to take on.

What would your deadline be?

hey guys. I really do appreciate the help on this. I would like to have something to mess around with by next week. I will be finishing it up hopefully by then. I have some ideas in mind as far as colors and pickups and tuners. I just really suck at this 3D stuff lol.

Just give pm or post your email address and I will email you to get pictures of the guitar.
I would need a picture of the top, bottom, both sides, and the ends.

the body of the guitar is very nice - so i have to try to model it and i put colors on it. this is the result.

That is looking badass. Sorry for the late response i was out doing training