Guitars guitars guitars!!big images

Ok so i was looking at guitars on Google and idk i just wanted to know what everones fav type of guitar…post pictures or just simply tell how you want your guitar to look or how you guitar does look

My would have to be a all Black Gibson Les Paul with a dark purple pickguard and where the strings are they would have to be a dark dark Purple with some sort of scary looking clown on the body and a weird design on the neck =). this the the clown i want one my guitar(i didnt draw it) and the guitar i want (just no hold string holder things and gold out line and its missing a purple pickguard)
Body image
guitar i want

Cool guitar - I don’t play guitar, not much help.

its ok =) *ten words

I wrote nine words, ten if i used correct grammer. Good spotting.

i was talking about the filter thing… lol…