Does anyone play a guitar here?
just wondering…

btw, here is my attempt of Iron Maiden - Afraid to shoot strangers
(Acoustic Guitar)

Yep, been playing for about 10 years, and was playing in a band with this lot for a bit Slick Nine Records.

I played quite a few gigs in and around Nottingham (England), and enjoyed it loads, but I haven’t played for a year or so now. Very weird playing to big crowds, and not particularly nerve racking, just gives you a huge adrenalin rush.

I’ll try and grab some recordings we did and put them on my webspace sometime soon.

Well since I’ve never heard Iron Maiden before, I can’t really comment but that was pretty good. Your timing seemed a little bit spastic, but it might be that way in the song.

I’m addicted to guitar playing :smiley:

I like playing my guitars (1 acoustic 2 electric), but I’m no musician. I don’t have time to practice and I’ve never played with anyone until my brother (who is in a band) visited me last year. We just jammed in my garage, me on acoustic rhythm, him on lead electric.

I consider myself a guitar hobbyist. When I get in the right mood, I come up with little ditties using my drum machine and guitars. No real songs, just little 1-2 min ideas. I would post my latest, but I have no place to host it.

Nice playing by the way, although I haven’t listened to Iron Maiden since their “Somewhere in Time” album.

I’ll have been playing 5 years in a couple of weeks…

I still play the only electric I’ve ever owned and a twelve-string acoustic. My real guitar obsession is the amps… I have a stack of them twice as tall as me. Most of them are dead and I intend to build tube amps in them at some time or another. When I was 17 I built my first tube amp, it’s a lot of fun. The project I built is no longer there, but there are still a lot of others at AX84 for anyone who wants to give that a shot. Nothing like 500 volts rushing through your fingers from a giant can capacitor.

I just recently traded my old Strat knockoff and El Cheapo practice amp for a decent acoustic guitar. I’ve been playing for about 10 years now. No recording equipment, so no sound samples, but don’t fret (ha-ha, lame pun intended), I can assure you that my musicianship is better than my Blendmanship. :frowning:

Xintoc, it sounds pretty good, though you may want to use a medium pick rather than hard. And if you are using a medium pick already, don’t attack quite so much, at least not on this particular song. BTW, did you learn it from some sheet music or tabs, or play it by ear?


I am using a custom made pick and my mic isn’t so good so I have to play harder… I use tabs…

I’ve been playing guitar and singing for about 7 years. I write songs and have played in numerous bands as well as solo.


btw… I have practiced guitar for 24h max… It’s a left-handed guitar, but I should play on a right-handed one…

Just to be safe, you don’t do country songs, right?! :-? :stuck_out_tongue:


I have been playing for 10 years. Does anyone want to buy a silver sparkle talman? I played in a Glam Rock band, you know? :slight_smile:

Saw a PRS SE Soapbar a few days ago - that would be a nice replacement.

I like to play Aerosmith.

no, I don’t play country…
I like hard rock and power metal stuff…

Just to be safe, you don’t do country songs, right?!

No country, mostly pop rock … or a little heavier than that …


been playing electric for about 3 years. 8)

Just to be safe, you don’t do country songs, right?! :-? :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL Ditto

I can listen to a lot of Metal and like it, but country is just… ew…

Go to and click “hear my voice,” or at least until Geoshitties shuts down. Bet you wouldn’t see that coming.

Other than that, country music is gay.

Been playing for 25 years, although for the last ten I only played sporadically (family life, house renovations, that sort of thing).

My daughter just started piano lessons and she sings very good so I started playing again a little more often to acompany her.

I think I’m going to buy an electric guitar, but first I need some money… lol
I get inspired by Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, and the guitar player of At Vance (what’s his name?)