Gumball (hangover) machine / how would you improve it ?

Hi guys!
I know the basics of Blender but would like to improve my skills in the next months, especially regarding lighting and materials.

This is a quick thing I did a few days ago.
Could you tell me how you would improve it to make it better?
Thanks !


overall modelling looks good to me except for the pills. I’d say they’re way to big and their shape is to flat. I only recognised them as pills when I read the tilte “hangover machine”…

In terms of Materials and Shading, here are some hints:

The interior of the glass looks very dark as well as the rims of the glass. You either can increase the Transmission Samples in the rendering options or turn of the shadows casted by the glasss with the node setup pointed out here:

An environment would probably make the surfaces look way more interesting. They are all quite reflective but have nothing interesting to reflect. Especially the glass looks fake because of this.

There is no dirt or wear. At least on the handle I’d expect some fingerprints and some scratches where you put in the coins. Also the glass could be improved by some remains of rain water or condensed water.

Here’s an example of a gumball machine with some wear on it.

It’s rather strong but I think it gives an exampe for what I mentioned before.

Maybe don’t put just one kind of pills in the glass. Some with different shapes and colour would create more variety. In addition this would make the hangover machine reference more to a real gumball machine as the gumballs typically come in different colours.

And what about a price tag? :slight_smile: