Gumball Machine

Here is my Gumball Machine Lux Render:
I modeled it from scratch, without any reference images.
It took 8 hours to render. :eek:


GumballMachine.blend (325 KB)

hey, that looks great is there a blend possible?

Just please don’t claim it as your own. :wink:
(first post updated with .blend)

thanks, im about to get hypershot and im keen to see the result!
thanks again

hey, it looks great:

I really like the way the glass turned out!

looks like youve got normal smoothing errors around the edges of the base…

try selecting everything and Ctrl-N -> Recalculate Normals Outside

Also, should that be “an ionee render”?
(sorry if I’m being picky, lol;))

ohh, it was just a quick test, the shadow quality was low for extra speed, though it only took 2-3 secs.

Sorry for shouting, but it took mine 8 hours to render, and yours looks better! :frowning:

that is one cool gum ball machine. I have been experimenting making some Candy Machines . There is some cool gumball machines there too.