Hey everyone…I finallly am able to post something in here! ^^ I’m so excited now, lol. Anyway, lets get to the topic now. I’m starting to work on a character, if you all remember, Gumby. I have the body all worked out…from a tutorial made by smick, i would have to thank him for helping me get organized with Blender. Anyways, this is my first ever model that is to be shown on the site. I’m sorry about the angle that the model is in, but I couldn’t figure out how to straighten it out. If anyone knows how, please tell me. Comments are welcome! ^^.

Wow. I remember Gumby. Am I too young to have a flash back? Too bad!

Wavy lines

I remember watching it on TV so long ago. And there was Pokey, and the Block Heads! Them and their little adventures. Now I feel old…

Anyway, it is a great start. Use SubSurf with your Set Smooth. A larger render size would be good, so we can see the detail. Also, a wire post would help.

About the angle: rotating Gumby would probably be the easiest way to get it straight. Go into side more and rotate him until his side is basically up (or whatever direction you need). Then do the same for front and top. The camera in the default scene is also at an angle. You could just delete it and add another. Remember, whichever way you are facing when you add a camera is the way the camera will point.


I see what your saying now about the camera view. Thanks for the comment. I’ll be working more on him tomorrow possibly. So, I’ll be sure to post any progress I make on him. I’m thinking of thinning him a bit more, since to me it looks like he’s a little too fat…lol.

Gumby was a very old show that I kind of remember watching. He shouldn’t be too hard to make.

I bearly remember that guy…

He’s a little on the shiny side, and a little too low-poly. Add some good materials, rigging, a face, and a nice background and you’re done!

Yea…I’m hopefully going to work more on him today…I’m going to try an make the eyes…they seem to be the easiest…because I looked at a picture that I have and they seem to be the easiest part, though any tips would be greatly appreciated. I’ll try to post a wire of him later…I also want to know how I would be able to do the mouth? Thanks for the comments everyone.

speaking of computer graphics and Gumby, check out this interesting bit of history.

That was pretty weird…yet interesting at the same time…I don’t know why though…anymore C&C’s?