Gummy Bear Rig

This is a gummy bear rig I made a few days ago. Here is the test vid…

I was wondering if someone could help me with the pointy deformations so that I may release the optimized version to the community.



Dunno if it can help you ->, it’s similarly from your character and you can download the example file.

happy blend

heya, it would be easier to tell what’s wrong if we could see the topology not a render. Select your mesh, in the Properties Editor go to Object then Display then check wire. Then do an openGL type render - furthest right button in the 3D viewport header.

The issue is a combination of bad weighting and bone placement. The sharps and jumps are caused when the deformation causes ‘bad’ quads (ie concave ones). Note the folding when you rotate the upper arm. Try smoothing the weight painting and perhaps moving the joints (eg for the arms) further out of the body volume so their is a sort of shoulder area.

Also if you move this thread to Support>Animation not Artwork>Animation you might find better answers on rigging as this part of the forum tends to be more for animation crits.

Hiya, I’m not an expert at Blender so I can’t say too much, all I can say is that most gummy bears are a bit transparent, so you could toggle to transparency.

looks pretty bad the rigging. nice render though

One thing that will instantly help this, is a mesh deform cage.