Gummy Mobster

My goal for this project was to create a street photography style portrait of an unlikely city resident. I wanted to convey a strong sense of history and personality with the character of Mr. Gummy Bear mobster. Eventually, I would love to create more candy mobsters and make a series.

I was heavily influenced by old WPA photographs from NYC in the 1930’s. Blender 2.56 was used for modelling, shading and rendering. Photoshop was used for post.

There are a few errors, but my class deadline came rolling around before I could fix them. Any crits are welcome.

ImageShack Link:

Brilliant concept and excellent execution. My only crit is of the hat: to my eye it should either be to scale or it should be gone. As it is, the hat seems a bit cartoonish and it takes away from the otherwise wonderfully sinister look of your figure.

I like it - I personally think the small hat makes the ‘gummy mobster’ look both forboding and cartoony like an original gummy bear. Keep the hat, I’d say. In any case, good job!

Ahh, nice idea, and a great render, but some bits are a bit dark, stopping us from appreciating this as well as we could :slight_smile: