Gumustdo's Sketchbook

Hello, folks.

I’ve been a long time Blender user since 2.4x And still use it since.
Oddly enough I never participate any Blender forum before. And have been swing by BlenderArtists for quite a while.

So here’s my doodle and all thing Blender :wink:


Let’s started with something you guys all know about. The Shambler from legendary ‘QUAKE’


He is gruesome. I like him.

Thank you ! :smiley:

Lunch Doodle.

Blender + 3DCoat smart pbr material

it’s nice!

Making floaty rocks

Zergling quick sculpt.

cool works, keep it up! :slight_smile:

Here’s retro-scifi environment I’m working on rightnow.
@abdoubouam Thanks! :slight_smile:

Testing out software. In this case Substance Painter. with partially UVed lowpoly

Test baking on lowpolys

Imported ID map and finished texturing in Substance Painter.
Time to move into Engine.

And the test shot in Unity3d