Gun And Bullet

Hi Im creating a fps game and want to make the gun shoot bullets like machinegun and they will be shooten very straight and fast so you cant see it like war games when you shoot a bullet the bullet shooots very fast Look at this video its ak 47 shoot test in game call of duty modern warfare… Exactly The Second He Click On The Mouse To Shoot The Bullet Meet The Wall And The Place You Aim On.

You should put the empty that is going to have the add object edit object logic brick further from the gun because you said the bullets would shoot straight and haveing the empty further from the gun should increase the speed. Also increase the linear velocity of the bullet to something like 20-50.

I dont think you should use this. If the bullet goes too fast, it will go straight through objects once and a while.

I would look at the FPS Template and see how they did it with rays.

OK Thanks Im W8 For More Help Ok.

Hi again Please Can Anyone Help Me Step By Step How To Make The Gun shoot the bullet very very straight to the end and fast so i cant see it.thx

As mentioned above: Do not use a bullet, use a ray sensor. Where the ray hits somthing, that is the point of impact (and the hit object). You can see it in the fps templates. Check the resource forum.

Do you mean like a laser pistol its ok but its need to be invisible and the weapon make some fire.