Gun bullets don show up in the right place

Hi im trying to make a gun bullets shoot from an empty i read a tuturual here about it
but when i move the mouse the bullet goes out somewhere else i have attachec a blend file to show what i mean
is there any way to fix this ?

Attachments (92.3 KB)

It is a parenting issue, un-parent all of the objects; First clear all of their locations by pressing Alt-G, then parent the barrel of the gun to the camera (then move it to desired spot) next parent the empty to the Camera ‚Äčand move it to the desired spot. This should fix all of your issues- if not I can try again.

in the childrens object properties (orange box tab), repick the parent object in the relations section to update the coordinates.

this parenting issue is a major over sight since hot key or drag and drop dont function properly.

thanks a lot fredstash did what you said and now it works fine :slight_smile:

Great, glad I could help.