GUN!!! (Designed by me)

This here is one of my best works ever :wink:
Please leve a comment… I would like to hear your oppinion about it…
(Here is a turntable animation: )

That looks pretty nice. I like it very much.

Well done!

the part where the casings are ejected from the chamber should be right above the magazine, the stock should be longer (especially for a scoped rifle) and the top of the stock should be straight so that the shooter can actually look through the scope (i think this would also reduce recoil)

I hope you dont mind the feedback :slight_smile: I do like the general look of the gun though.


You seem to be a gun expert :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for giving your oppinion about it
Now I know how to make it better…

haha no im not at all… just what ive picked up from modelling a few guns and playing first person shooters :slight_smile:

The humble First Person Shooter, never fails to educate and entertain at the same time.

It is a very good model, but needs tweaks as has been said. Another might be that there is a lot of “wasted” space in the gun structure. It is a growing trend in weapons today that the clips are as far back as possible (often behind the trigger, the TAR-21 is a really famous example of that) and in yours I notice how far the clip is ahead. What is happening in there? The pin would have to be nearly 15 centimetres LONG!

Another gun expert :smiley:

Yeah… you are right… thanks for your statement :wink:

Not an expert at all! I just have a little bit of knowledge in the field. Although using electricity is a bit of a different thing altogether, it still follows the same design principles. Keaping the weapon compact, without losing efficiency or any of that other good stuff.
Of course, I never needed to worry about a ejection port or cooling along the barrel length…

Would love to see your progress!

I I’m a gun expert! =P A couple things. The scope should not be permanently attached like that. It should have two grips on either side that are screwed on. Like this. Also, the end of the barrel should be wider than the rest of the barrel and have more or just larger holes to diffuse the flash and the expanding gas. Like this. Another thing. Usually the casing ejection slot (which should be over the magazine and at a little above level of the barrel) has a sliding cover on the inside which goes back after the bullet fires and pushes it back. Go to here and you can skip to about 1:50. It shows a cut away view but hopefully you get it. And I might personally suggest a cooling jacket on the barrel, because that barrel looks thick, and if it’s an automatic rifle than the barrel will get quite hot. Example of cooling jacket here on this 30 cal. Oh, and the scope should have dials on it to adjust it for wind and distance (graivity). Like this one here. And last but not least, Adjust the overall shape. Longer stock, re-look at the handle (doesn’t seem very ergonomic) and it has a lot of material that it doesn’t seem like it needs. You want a rifle to be as light as possible. Oh, and about the stock thing, it almost seems like it goes up too high. It would be uncomfortable and interfering with looking through the scope. When modeling something I’d suggest studying and researching a lot before you make it. But other than that, it’s a fine design.

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot. You should also have a “handle” on the side behind the casing ejection slot. This way you can cock it manually and try to unjam it in case that it is.

Holy ****! these people know their weaponry! I personally think the model is awesome, very consistent with what i see in video games and movies. Of course there are some anatomical inefficiencies, but you aren’t trying to sell it. It seems you have just struck on a topic that us men LOVE discussing. Next time, model a baby stroller or a purse, i guarantee they wont criticize how big the visor is, or the improper placement of a lipstick pocket.

Who’s to say that we wouldn’t?

Are you a purse expert now?

Purses: no. Sewing: yes.

Thank you for the reference images :wink:

I was going to say the same thing what Natholas said, That’s exactly what I picked up upon viewing the image what you should to to fix the casing problem is move the magazine back a bit that’s all and that’ll be fixed and the stock straight at the top. A red dot sight would also look super cool on the weapon especially as it’s quite compact and good for close quarters combat, Good luck I like the design.