gun goes through walls

ok. i have the camera as a dynamic object, and it doesnt go through the walls. But the gun that the camera is parented to does. all my logic bricks are on the camera. How do i stop the gun from going through walls?

I think you meant to say that the gun is parented to the camera, not the other way around…

The only way I know of is to put the gun inside the camera’s bounding sphere. This is the dotted-line circle around the camera.

ha ha weird that i didnt think of that before. Thanks!

There are some other methods of doing this too:

You can scale the gun to be very small, and put it very close to the gamera so it appears to be large due to perspective.

You can also put the gun in another scene, and then add an overlay of that scene in the scene with the camera.

I have a similar problem, a projectile that I use goes through walls, how to go about destroy a projectile when it hit a wall ?

You could put a property on the wall called solid, and put a collision property on the projectile, with solid inside it. Then have that attached to a edit object---- end object actuator. You can also put the property on anything else and the bullet will disappear when it hits, and its possible to put bullet holes, you’ll find it if you do a bit of searching. :wink:

btw arr matey, I like you signature lol :smiley: