gun /laser

hey guys made this a while back tell me what you think :smiley:

nice clean render. the handle looks disproportionately too short. and the right side of the image is a little too dark. otherwise, quite nice.

Looks really cool :slight_smile:

as for C&C… /agree Gr8RedShark

That looks like Falcon 2 from the game Perfect Dark

Very good!

Would you mind explaining how you did the laser? ^.^ I’m working on a blend currently and I need to have a laser in it. Yours looks very nice. The whole render is quite lovely ^.^ good job!

Very nice!
But I think you should du a little more about the laser. Not the ray which looks great, but the thing that fires the laser.
Does this make any sense? %|

Thanks guys, I think its too dark too. The laser was pretty easy, but it’s hard for me to explain because I am pretty new to blender. Heres one place I looked to learn how to use particles with which I made the laser. You also can look other places online I am sure there are many tutorials. The little laser box I made really quick so I guess that explains why it looks kinda plain.