Gun model New!!!!!!!!!!

Crits Welcome!

Please tell me what you think of the gun i made in blender
If the picture below doesent show up copy and paste this in your address bar

Looks good. How about a larger render?

Sorry but the link above is now gone and i replaced it with this bigger render
Copy this Url into ur address bar!

Not bad. There are some sharp edges that could be beveled but overall the modelling is very nice. Maybe add some more light or choose a brighter background color. Right now some parts disappear into the black.

Can’t be found on server, most likely because you brooke the rules by not having you image in an html file.

It’s easy.

Put this html code in a fresh text file using your text editor of choice. replace “img.jpg” with your image file making sure that your image is in the same dir as your .html file.

Be sure to affix a .html to the end of your file name.