Gun problems

Ok, i dont konw how to fix this. I have a gun and when i shoot a bullet from it the bullet will only go to one spot. No matter where im facing the bullets always seem to go to this one spot. Like they are being pulled in this one direction and wont go any where else.

this is just kind of a ref so you can see whats up. Sorry i dont know how to do .blend files so you can just try it…

heh, search the forums before asking questions that have been answered :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, see L button in the add object actuator? It makes sure that the velocity is applied locally. Press it :slight_smile:

i did serch like, forever…unless im doing somthing wrong…thats probably it though. K i pressed the L but now they just go sidways…

opps, got it. NVMD!! THANK YOU!

no worries :slight_smile: glad i could help.

i also have a simular problem but the L button wont work after a couple minuites of my game.
eventualy the bullets will get displaced and go in other directions.

oh and i tried posting my own thread but it wont work so dont get mad at me.

please help!

try selecting your gun and press CTRL+A. you might have to change the direction in which the bullets go though, because it changes the objects local axis’.

If that doesnt work, upload the blend file and ill see what I can do

it didnt work.

here is a new pic
also do you know a good place to put the blend file?

Try this site for your file needs

ok here is the blend file please check it out

anybody? plz?

I took a look at the file, but couldn’t find a solution. That’s a weird problem, and I’ve had it before in some of my demos. Although one thing that might help a bit, would be to parent the empty to the penguin instead of the gun.

I would appreciate it if someone could find a solution too :smiley:

that didnt work either but thanks for taking a look at it.

did you notice the enemy traking? i think it is a little off

bump… sorry, had to

In the future, please post smaller screen shots. For all of us still on dialup, it’d be much appreciated

ok ill keep you guys in mind next time