Gun Swapping Demo

I thought I’d post a link to my first game test with blender. It’s the beginning of a side scrolling shoot-em-up, with an FPS style weapon system. I’ve mainly been learning stuff by poking around in demos I’ve found, so maybe someone might learn something from this. If you follow the Logic Brick paths, hopefully it makes sense.

LeftShift-punch/fire weapon
Ctrl-switch weapon
R-restart game
Q-quit game

A quick rundown of the system:

The Weapon controller: An empty actor that contains the weapon cycling property and weapon availability. I separated the gun cycling from the ship movement so it would be a bit less confusing. The movement is all in the Armature.

Guns: Each gun has property to tell if it’s armed, and how much ammo there is. The weapons are individual objects parented to the proper fist for animation. I experimented with change Mesh and Add object, but this system worked best for me. Sorry for the lack of loading animations.

Weapon Pickups: When you pick up a weapon, it automatically arms and gives you a set amount of ammo. An ammo clip pickup would be similarly set up, but only link to the particular weapon’s FullClip property.

Although the system is set up in a shmup, it could easily be mapped to a First Person Shooter or 3rd person game, since the weapons are parented to the arm bones, and fire wherever they are pointed.

It’s made in 2.37a, and looks a bit odd in 2.25. The textures are currently 512x512. Apologies for the textureless weapons. If anyone has questions, problems, or comments, let me know.


Very nice detail to your game. I really like it :smiley: I hope you finish it or somthing :wink:
And by the way are those model’s of the robot ect… your own model’s the robot looks very nice ;).


Very cool, I like the style as well, would be nice if the bot stays on the screen, wish it was longer :frowning:

very very excellent

How astonishing kreatiff! and hardcore.

Glad you guys like it I’m pretty happy with my Game Engine progress so far, although I couldn’t figure out a good solution for keeping the ship on screen. I’m going to take a bit of a break from the GE and start modelling more objects so I can start building more interesting enviornments and hopefully some enemies. There’s a few more screen mockups on my website, if anyone cares to take a look.


This looks great so far :slight_smile: I love the look of it. It’s going to be a nice game if you get it finished…or even just 1 level of it would be fun. I love your models and the texture work that you’ve done so far (although there were a few textures missing for the weapons and the fired bullets…not sure if they were left out on purpose so I just thought I’d let you know that)

:o :smiley: Awesome! Congratulations.

The main actor (Mech) geometry looks a little confuse. If you make it clear, will be easy to handle a more complex scene.

U can make your texture work easier with LSCM uv maping.

Have you seen skategirl demo? You can acoplish nice cellshading efects!

Make a full level! That was really cool!

WOW!!! Very impressive indeed!!!

Can’t wait to play a version with a few levels!


This is looking very, very nice.