Gun Turret

Hi folks,

this is the first time that i post an image here…(i’ve been around for over a year on elysiun)

allright , i’m trying to model a gun turret. this is how far i am:



things that i know:
-the turret is’nt completely attached to the “body”
-needs texturing
-still needs lots of details
-planning to built a mini tower on top of it

the problem that i have is that the edges are “zig zag”. i turned osa on , but it doesn’t seem to make much difference…

allright C&C are welcome…

Mhm. How does this turret aim? I can’t see anything to change the angle of the turret. This way you only can shoot in one direction.

The smoothing looks strange on such a body. Try beveling the thing before adding more details?

tnx for the comment jerri
actually it has a rotating device ,between the tower and turret , but it is a bit out of scale (too small) . In the next update i will take care of that

whoa, sorry to say this, but it sure doesnt look like you have been here many years… the reason there are jaggy edges is probably because u didnt render it… and if u did, render it twice the size and reduce it in PS. also, press the autosmooth button to make the shading better

tnx for the comment skeletor,
this is my first seriuos "project " i am working on. always a bit rusty when you actually start working with the program on a daily basis :wink:

ok, you’re right , i didn’t realize that it has to be rendered in order to deal with those edges %| :slight_smile: .

Skeletor…how could you make a comment like that when its obvious he was posting a screenshot from inside blender?

This turret reminds me of the ones from star wars. Cool stuff. I can’t wait to see the texturing.

well he complained about the jaggie edges… and they woulda prolly been fixed if he RENDERED!! show us a render dude

desoto: it’s defenitely inspired by starwars, with my own twist.
allright , here are a couple of updates:

solid view:


allright, after i improve/add a couple of things , i’ll begin texturing it.

C&C are welcome !


I don’t think you need subsurf for this - it’s a mechanical device…most mechanical devices aren’t supposed to look organic but this does with subsurf, it’s too “smooth”. Unless, of course, it’s a turret for Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory :slight_smile:

I really like your first mesh, it looks great. Just like the turrets in Star Wars. I’d go without subsurf.


You can add detail to a subsurfed mesh and maintain smooth edges by using loop cut (CTRL + R) and placeing vertices close together near edges and creases. It would work especially well for your gun barrels.