Gun Turret

I want to show you my Gun Turret Project final render. If you want to see for information about process, the link is below

I hope you like it.

I added the sound effects

I hope you like it.

Any tip (tutorial) on how to do the fire explosion ?

really nice mesh

Thank you carlinitos.

I can say that i used fire shot image from the blender and i combine with composite program. Lens Flare and more Glow FX was helpful.

It’s amazing when you realize that you can create a whole entire project in blender

Thank you dancreator

Blender and AE

My only problem with this is that the muzzle flash appears and disappears so suddenly. It has to flare out and back in, or fade in and back out. Also, if it’s scifi, I feel like it should be firing a beam of something. But do whatever you want.

Take a plane, delete 3 of the edges,

Take the remaining edge, change its material to halo,

Turn the alpha very low, turn lines on,

Add a wave modifier on its axis,

Ta da, laser bolt.

Sorry for the delayed responses.

Thanks Owldude

Fire is suddenly cos i think look believable. Beam is an option. There are lot of weapon styles.

any turret like that would kick back and without having a shock system it would tear apart

Sorry my english Everyone. Turret’ s task protect the ship. Ship’s task protect everytihng. If the ship’s shields dropped its mean everything is in danger.