Gun WIP for world cup

Okay, this is my try at the blender world cup thing, but I wan to do well with this.
I have an idea, but right now, I just need to get this done.
Here is what I have done so far:
materials are of course temporary.
Any thoughts?
I can post a better render later, in the morning.

There aren’t any mesh errors that I know of, it is prob the lack of OSA.

It looks quite good so far, can’t really think of any crits atm, maybe when you post some more renders :slight_smile:


/me is wondering why the investors won’t want it :stuck_out_tongue:

looking good so far.


/me wonders where the picture is.

/me says I have an idea, and the picture is on alltaken’s gallery

/me wonders if my web host is having issues, things seem to be breking rather fast :stuck_out_tongue: around there.


/me thinks it looks good

/me thinks you should try YafRay

yafray looks the same. I will do a toxic render later.

here is a new render from the side.
I am adding the safety next.

Cleaned up the mesh and made some bullets:
And C&C is greatly appreciated.

Looks like there might be a normals problem on the barrel. Check it out.

Good work, my BWC also involves handguns, though not revolvers. Good Luck !

no, there aren’t any normals problems, the mesh is decently clean for an object like this. I will post a wire.

Here is the final concept…
This is what I thought of, it’s called the SuperShooter
If you are ever in trouble, and someone is sneaking up on you, take aim, and use this! The maker is not to be held responsible for damages, pain, and suffering caused by this product. Four bullets included to get the user up and started quickly!
What do you think?
What should i do with the materials?
I will have a better final presentation.

I would darken the handle’s material and add more spec to the bullets. The normals I thought I saw was just a combo of the little details and AO
(I assume you’ll be making a less noisy render later?).

Good work still.

okay, when I posted that I started this:
this is 16 AO samples, I wish it could go higher, but here it is.
I will make some material fixes.

any C&C?
more tomorrow

Hahaa :smiley: … nice idea… is it meant to shoot the person using it?
My only suggestion is to make better materials… I assume you are going to imitate those of a real gun, dark metal or something. Maybe you could use a painted grayscale image as a Nor texture to fake some smaller details, but the model seems good to me.

okay, here is maybe the final version:
Any little crits are good.
I think I will work on the trigger area and then call it done if no one says anything.

Looking good, although the gun metal should be a little bit darker, and the lighting seems kinda off. Also, the bullets don’t seem that realistic; they need to have two parts…

actually, the gun color pretty much matches the source:
check it out in the finished projects.