Gundam 00 GN Serei

Ok i know another project from me, >>

well this is my GN Serei, an original mobile suit design by me, designed to be used in the universe of Gundam 00.

I’ve yet to decide whether i’ll make it high or lowpoly, likely to be high tho.


Ok, been a while, but i’ve been working on serei still.

here a new preview of the latest model plus an older rig test


keep going

Well i’ve been ill lately so i had plenty of time free, so i decided to continue work of serei. And here he is with a complete mesh and rig. all thats left is to skin it which i’ve already begun as shown on the left image.

oh and i’ve now decided he’ll be a low poly model ^^

plus i still gotta model the accesories

edit: its roughly around 4660 triangles at the moment


This one is loads better than anything I’ve seen you model before. I’d love to see more from the rig and wires.

Only crit so far is that the UV looks unevenly distributed. Some areas look like they have a lot of texturespace, and others like they have just a little. When unwrapping, you know, place seams and press U for unwrap and all that jazz, don’t scale the parts afterwards. Just tweak them if needed and reorder the parts into a square. Doesn’t matter if it fits in the UV window. And THEN rescale all the parts at once so they fit. That way, the distribution of texture space is even for all parts.
Keep it up.

Glad you like it mate. Well heres the wire frame view of the body and head, as well as a shot of the armature. The only contraints i’ve applied so for are rotation limiters on local space, thus preventing some of the joints from bending or twisting where thier not meant to.

as for the uv mapping, the reason some of body parts seem to have more space is because nearly each body part is its own object (helped for when i was modeling it). Thus areas like the chest and hand have their own uv layout. However in when it comes to texturng, the image for the hand will be alot smaler in terms of pixels than the chest texture.

Hope that clears things up.


I really like the style you’ve gone for, keep it up. :slight_smile:

why not merge all the objects into one mesh then? takes a little more time to rig, but makes a hell of a cleaner mesh, should also give a cleaner UV map, unless you specifically want to use seperate textures for each part off course.

@TheANIMAL: Thx, i’m glad you like it. designing mecha is quite hard lol XD

@Freakydude: Yeah i could merge them into one, but i think i’ll stick to seperate objects, less clutter then in my oppinion ^^.

Well i’ve begun texturing the chest and well this is my first dip into this area. Could anyone point me to a good tutorial about this is possible ^^. Thx in advance.


No the mecha is not dead yet XD, its very much alive.
The texturing really began to tick me off, so i decided to go back to making it high poly.

heres so far.

The chest, torso. shoulders and pelvis are complete.

the head is also nearly complete, just need to add the vulcan guns.
the colour scheme so far is not final ^^.


ok the bodies now basically complete, just gotta model the weapons and then do the materials and light settings


I just realised I never posted my finished pics of the model ><.

The lighting isn’t perfect but I like it ^^


can you give me some criticism on mine?