Gundam Gun

I made this gun from a gundam blueprint, and I’m very happy with it, except for this crease in the middle of the body. How can I get rid of it?


I would have to see the wire frame with the verticies to be sure of this. but have you tried merging the verticies on either side of the crease?

make sure all you faces are facing outward (Ctrl+N). If that doesn’t work then do what dteddy said.

Control N flipped some normals the wrong way, and did nothing to the crease. I can’t figure out with veritices to merge, because the follow the crease really closely. I got the wire frame.


That looks like the French Army’s FA-MAS btw. Just in case you need more templates.

There are a couple more creases, where the trigger guard and handle meet the gun’s body, and where the triger guard meets the handle. All of the creases have vertices directly over them, and I haven’t found a way to merge them without ruining the rest of the gun.

Make sure you don’t have extra faces or edges inside the gun.

The problem exists where the two planes formed by the red and blue outlines come together to form an angle the problemlies with vertex #2 & #3 not residing on the same plane as all the other verticese defined by the outlines. Try this: In the same view that you have posted (which I am going to assume is front view or #1 on your numeric keypad), select vertex #1 by right clicking and then press Shift+S+4. This will snap the 3D cursor to it. Now move your mouse cursor over vertex #2 and left click. Now you will have aligned the 3D cursor to the same Global Y axis as vertex #1, and also to the Global X, Z axis as vertex #2. Now right click on vertex #2 and press Shift+S+2. This will snap the vertex to the 3D cursor and probably eliminate the crease between vertex 1 and vertex 2. Repeat the same procedure for vertex #3.
I posted this to teach you what to do but you should really consider starting over from scratch. It looks to me as though you may have created this model with edge loops (or a series thereof) and then used the Shift+F function to fill it which is a serious No-No. This results in a mesh ridden with triangles which are ugly little beasties that reek havoc on subsurf meshes. Shift+F is good if you don’t need to subsurf, or as long as all verts are on a single plane AND they won’t have to be moved after subsurfing. Moving them will always cause the subsurf modifier to show an edge at every intersection that has a triangular face if the verts aren’t planar.
I’m really surprised that no one clued you in B4 I did as there are much better modelers in this forum than myself.