Gundam... Sort of

After seeing this, I thought I would do my own version of the Gundam (I hope I’m not taking over the idea.)
I took a darker approach, the Gundam is old and scratched the paint is peeling, I am also going to add transformer like detail and remove some of the blank faces. C&C’s more than welcome!

Note: I never watched the gundam series so bare with me :o.


It’s a tad too dark, can I see it with the model only in three point lighting at all profile angles?(side,front, 3/4 view). Then I can see if there is anything entirely off on it, already I see the head looks a bit strange, although I like the addition of people to the scene. I really am curious what it looks like in the light.

Every time I post something people say that its too dark, Maybe I need to calibrate my monitor again, any good sites/programs for this?
Also, roughly, what is the gundam to human scale?

Here are the front, side, and back on a clay mat.


so here is very approximately what a gundam size to humans should be. It’s been a few years sense I saw any of the gundam shows, so I may be a little off, but when given the chance to 'shop Chuck Norris in with a gundam, I couldn’t say no. :ba: :smiley:
as for the calibration yeah, I adjucted the gamma on the first image and it looked great! minus all the jpeg compression showing up…

good job!


Ha! Of course Chuck Norris wouldn’t even break a sweet taking any Gundam down.

Anyway, I think I calibrated my monitor right this time (I had thought that 3 times already so… ) but tell me if its still too dark. I also added some details, most of which you cant see because the catwalk is blocking it.:no: Next update I will change the scaling.

New Render.

That’s cool! I like it a lot! One thing about gundams, that I feel make them gundams, is the style of their heads, which is kind of lacking on this model though. But I dont know if you wanted to re-create a gundam like I did, or just use them as inspiration.

And please! Chuck norris as nothing on Gundams! They’re made with gundanium aloy, a metal that can only be refined in space!! Maybe if Chuck Norris were a gundam pilot… I can’t even think about it!

I would’nt be able to get a copy of the blend would I? or would you be so kind as to tell me what you did to get the wear and tear look?

Adamstox, I got textures from here, then tweaked them in gimp for a spec, and normal map, then I combined them and tweaked the colors for a darker look.

I will post the blend when I call this finished. Did the pic look dark to you?

Nice. I thought the picture was a bit dark, but I thought it looked good like that. Kind of added some mystery too it, like its a secret weapon, kept under wraps.

It is still a bit dark, but I don’t think it is a calibration problem, I think it is more of a composition issue. :stuck_out_tongue: if you could lighten up the pillar in the foreground, or move it I think that would help. I might be completely wrong, and would love to be corrected if so, but that’s what came to mind at the moment.

Okay, here’s another update, I deleted the pillar, moved some of the catwalks, and added a second gundam in the back. It has a more open feeling, but it still needs more work, so keep the C&C’s coming!

just a light on the lighting…
if i were you i would add lots of lamps to light up the bottem because if people wre walking around they could not see anything…just light up the bottem of the floor but adding somelamps off some walls or something

Great work though 5/5* for me

Another update, tried to enhance the gundam profile, still needs tweaking.

I agree, next update I will try to add subtle lighting.

for the walkway at the top you should also redo…try making it more of a steel spaced floor…like in the link

Thanks for the suggestions blendermakers.
Update. I changed the catwalk and added a few more details.

Another nice Gundam model. I was wondering when more of these were going to show up. You put a lot of work into the environment, too. As someone who uses a 6 year old Celeron laptop, I look at this and say “I could do something like that in about 6 months.”:evilgrin:

If I recall from the anime, then there is a place for the cockpit in the center of the gundam. Also the head is really not as stylish as real gundams, but if you want it that way so be it. It just looks more like a xenogears mech.( If you don’t know what xenogears is, google it!) That thing is going to be harder to rig though, since it isn’t in a t-position, or maybe you did rig it and place its arms down. Ah wait, yes, I think you did already rig it since the hands look open in the render, but in the model shots they are closed. I really like the touch of the mech in the background, very subtle but makes the place look more and more like a hanger. All in all, good job, keep working at it!

I think I am going to head towards a less stylish approach. Is there a window or something where the cockpit is?

And yes I already rigged this.

Update! I changed a few details, and added a man hanging from a rope, repairing the leg.

Nice work!

That looks real sweet so far mate.

looks like the a side version of the alex :slight_smile:

The gundam alex was 18.5 meters high (from feet to V fin). I’m a gundam holic so feel free to ask me any questions XD