Gundam Wing Zero WIP

Any tips or suggestions?

So far its Ve:2586 Fa:2830


This looks really cool, I can’t really criticize anything because it all looks great. Maybe one tiny thing, I don’t know if you want it to look ‘faceted’ or a little blocky, but I notice people often say to hit the ‘set smooth’ button to make it look curvy, or use a subsurf modifyer. Even if you don’t, this still looks very nice. It’s really nice to have those ‘plans’, it looks just like it. Keep it up.

Well the ‘plans’ are just blueprints from the model kits. Go to and go to gundam models and click on MG 1/100.

looks good so far, have to agree even without set smooth still looks like it will turn out to be a good render and/or animation.