I did this render to test out dDo for the first time. What I found out:
-dDo is really good way to quickly make good looking metal textures with A LOT of settings too change the amount of dirt/damage. (I put a bunch of dirt on this one for no particular reason)
-dDo still has a lot of bugs that need to be worked out. (its in a beta test right now)
-dDo doesnt like transparent images
-the creators of dDo know so much about the program that they can’t make a decent newbie tutorial. Kind of ironic.
Here is a link to their site so you can try it yourself and look at what people who are much less ignorant than me can do with it:

I’ll try that too night. Thanks. Ho! and good model.

You have a new profile every time you post \o/
dDo is awesome :stuck_out_tongue: nice job getting some good textures other than the default presets from it

Hey I didnt know you still go on here :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah I kept forgetting my login info. Yeah it is I tried making skin earlier though and failed horribly. It still needs some work but once the bugs are fixed I am definitely going to pay for it. Blenderartists is weirder now, they make the mods approve every post which seems rather redundant and time consuming for the mods… But oh well whatever floats their boat. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah its a great program - if they add the option for how high-res the export is then I’ll definitely buy it. But so much for “Realistic skin in 30 seconds!” as they advertise :stuck_out_tongue:
They only make mods approve posts by new people :stuck_out_tongue: anti-spam thing

My names dDo I make realistic looking skin in 30 seconds…

Oh that makes more sense then.

Hahah fail