GunFighter from Spaghetti Blender (Update3-2ndTeaser)

Here’s my WIP for the WC. It’s going to be a short animation, allthough I may have to do the sound by guesswork since the audio is not working for some reason. (usually works fine) It’s all done in planes. ( I’m sorry BackIZ, I couldn’t resist. :smiley: ) Here’s the current state of the soundtrack, in the form of an MP3 pro, so don’t try loading it into Blender. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s the other gunfighter. And thanks to Alien XMP I got my audio buffer working. I think next I’ll add some dancing women with castanets.
I’m trying to do a bit of a spoof on the WC, so I am going to try and throw in some dinosaurs if I get time.

Wow, looking very nice, especially stylistically! Seems like it will be an interesting, individual take on the subject with something a bit different. Good to see you’ve loosened/lightened up a bit since last week’s WC. Much more fun ;D

that looks good it looks like it was mad in flash rather than blender it looks really good and has the look of 3d cut out.

I’m not very knowledgable about flash, but I’ve done the same sort of thing in adobe photoshop using layers and screen capture, and then assembling them into a video format.

Here’s a teaser. It’s a WMV, so you need something that plays WMVs, such as Media Player. I haven’t decided how much actual editing I am going to do on it. Hope you enjoy. Sorry I cut it off right at the action scene. :smiley: :wink:

Wow…I hadn’t even thought of making cartoons with blender. I mean…sure there’s toon shading but this is awesome. That sky is just great man. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Thanks Desoto. It’s really just a matter of setting the colored materials to shadeless, and jacking up the emit. The black materials are just the default material, and are black because there is no lamp in the scene.

Also, (not relating to this piece), I wasn’t going to say anything, but…Broken,…I think I mentioned in WC 66, that your assesment of my ‘feelings’ was innaccurate, so it looks like maybe you weren’t listening? In any event, please keep such presumptive remarks out of my thread. Next time, I will have to assume it is intended as an insult. Thanks.

This may end up being my final entry, because I am yet undecided as to how to end it. I have about three different ideas, but I’ll let you use your imagination at present. Hope you enjoy. :smiley:
Here’s the zip.==>

Argh!.. I even put the ;D there… I was being sarcastic, facetious - it was a joke! sigh

Too hard to be subtle and tongue-in-cheek in net communications I guess :confused:

Ah, my bad. :expressionless: You’re excused. :wink:

It looks awesome.

Maybe you should have some text come up that says, “The Wild West” at the end. or something of that nature. I didn’t even know we were ALLOWED to do video entries! lol. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what the deal on that is, but I think the soundtrack is the thing that disqualifies it as a viable entry.

Just watched wwtt22 again… the only thing I don’t like is the quality of the soundtrack… but everything else is superb!!

The harmonica. the way the stick flies out the guys mouth, the dudes hand spinning around… it never gets too boring and it finishes beautifully…

only thing you can do now is to carry it on and **** it up…

thank you :smiley:

Thanks, and the soundtrack quality issue is due to me being too lazy and recording it straight from my computer microphone which cost me all of $5. Also, if I would have spent more time making a clean recording, I never would have gotten to the animation. I am planning on finishing it soon. In the final scene it gets very weird. Slow motion with roses falling out of the sky, a couple of shots of an eagle, etc. Perhaps I will go back and try to clean up the sound track a bit, and maybe add a couple of more instruments. I was thinking some castanets would be good. Glad you enjoyed it.