gunfire and explosions

Does any body know how I could make gunfire and explosions?



Check out this site for Blender explosions etc. They are fairly old but the basic principles still apply. Some of the files you will have to open from inside Blender and uncheck the “Load UI” button in the file browser so they work in version 2.4x.

Thanks for the website,
but is there any tutorial on that?
also, any suggestions about gunfire?

Depends on how close you are to the gun. What I would do with my knowlige up to know (not much) is that I would use particles. I would give them a normal and a life then add curve guides if needed…probably yes. The rest is coloring and alpha value giving…

Do a search in the Game Engine for FPS template. Although you may not want to use it in the game engine, the thread has an download with excellent bullet holes.