How do you make a gunfire flash? It’s really been bugging me not knowing how to do it because when I make a gun shoot a bullet without the flash it looks really blank.

I have been wondering the same thing, I havent experimented with it yet, but for a single frame, possibly a set of textured planes arrayed in such a way as to simulate a flash. I really don’t know though and will be interested as to what people say.

well there are a lot of ways to do this - consider just an image on a plane where you animate the alpha channel over a few frames you can even use a texture to wipe it so that it looks like it goes away from the gun barrel but this really is overkill (LOL sorry bad pun), alternatively a particle, could add some smoke too.

you can also animate the energy of a lamp and parent it to the front of the gun so it flashes and lights up surrounding objects. maybe thats going too far but if done well it could look reely cool!

I’ve tried just animating lamp energy before but it doesn’t work unless there’s some kind of substance there to fill the blank space in front of the gun

I messed around a little and this is what I came up with