Gunnerkrigg Court

I am creating a game based on the comic at

Game at

Basically I am looking for people to model and texture specific things in the comic and I would add it into the game. As you can see in the game I am a programmer first and a modeler second. Whatever you want to do would be helpful (the scenes and models are done in blender so blend files are the format I want them in).

I’d be interested in knowing if anyone is interested in this or if I could be doing something better as far as this goes.

these pretty much never work out.

it takes a lot of money and time to collaborate, so it is best to just do it yourself and take pride in it. even if it takes along time.

That is the sense I have been getting. On the bonus side of that it might make me actually good at modeling.

I’d be interested in doing this. The only issue is that I am not very experienced in game modelling. If you PM me with a character or something to model and a poly count I’ll give it a whirl and send you the blend in (at max) a day or so. If you are happy with it we can go from there.

From the .blend of Antimony, it seems you have quite a flat look for the characters. Is this intentional?


The flat look wasn’t really intentional. It was more a first model ever type thing. I’ll send you a pm with the details.

i’m not interested, but that is a pretty cool comic, thanks for the link.