Guns!---downloads on pg2

Once again I have postponed my tanks…anyhow this is what I’ve been doing lately(besides playing alot of games!):
the M4 Carbine…
other views:
2nd view
3rd view

Comment if you’d like but it’s still early and I’m missing alot…

Looks nice. Are you going for the Commando style (shorter front barrel?) One thing i would say is make the knob on the rear sight a little bigger


Are you using blueprints?

Thanks for the pic Jedimaster.
JDA: I could not find good prints so I used a side view(not distorted), not very detailed but I’m using alot of reference material…

Great looking model…

Don’t know how your set for reference pictures :smiley:

very nice M4 :smiley:


I’m almost there…here’s an update:
btw, i’m using that site as refernce Bobson…

looking good…

if I could make one sugestion it would be change that dark blue background to a nice light blue or even white. Also I don’t know what material/texture your using but just a plain grey with that light blue/white background, would show off the details more.

I’m glad you found the images useful, I found some great reference pictures for my Colt Peacemaker from that site.

On the mag well on the right side, than bumped out piece should be on the left side of the M4.
Dont forget the mag realese button on the right side.
My personal opinion, but i like the curved magazines better. Nice work.

Sorry to say it but I think you misinterprited the pics…the left round part on the first pic is part of the “butt” not the front…so the bumps are on the right side…same with the second pic, the mag goes in front of the trigger not the back…the tube leads to the back… however those are good ref pics!

where do u get al these pictures of parts? ive been working on making guns for ages, and i normaly just end up tryin to copy dark nt very detailed pictures.
and does anyone have a good metal texture?

thats a badd ass gun mate, job well done.

You need better lighting.Add an area light,place it properly and if you have problems with it reduce its energy . :smiley: Nice modeling

Pork try the link Bobson posted for some reference pics:
SmaTheGreek, I will change the background color but don’t expect much cause I’m not making a scene right now just modeling the guns…until I model some soldiers that is! :wink:

You have the bump on the right side of the gun, where it goes on the left side of the gun

:expressionless: oh, I see what you mean, I’ll fix that soon…

OK, I think Im done here…modeling anyway… maybe I’ll post pics tomorrow. I exported the file to obj if anyone is interested: ~1MB
If you find good reference you can add your own sight…

Very good modeling!..where did you got the reference images?

Sorry to bump this but here’s a nother gun I did some time ago but never posted…again obj…M2 .50 cal