Guns, guns everywhere.

This gallery is going to be filled with rifles, submachine guns, pistols, assault rifles, and even gunblades–everything that fires a bullet [or perhaps something else!] Feel free to criticise, but at least make sure it’s constructive. Thanks for your time! [:

First up: The Patriot, a large-frame assault pistol constructed specifically for The Boss. It’s from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.


very nice :slight_smile: one bit of crit though… please please please get rid of that horid blue background… thank you

I’d suggest laying it on top of a flat surface, the 2.4 background just doesn’t do justice to the gun. Why not upgrade to 2.5?

HAha, thanks. I hate that blue too. It’s just that when you finish it at 0200 in the morning, background is the last thing on your mind.

Nice modeling (“The Boss” will be proud), maybe adding in some texture will make it even better.

metal gear solid are good game series…

I’ve gotten rid of the blue background, as requested. tell me what you think of the gun case! Maybe I should move this to “Works in Progress,” no? XD


@Animaniac888 I actually do have both v.2.49 and v.2.5x, but I’m still not quite used to 2.5, so while I’m doing tutorials for the shiny new interface, I’m continuing to model on the old 2.4 engine.

Hmmm… there’s only space for one magazine. Also, it looks like the box won’t be able to close properly because the top doesn’t conform to the shape of the mag.

Looks great!

Aha, the Patriot only has one mag [look up the weapon on the MGS wiki–infinite ammo]. And if you look, there’s a good-sized gap between the top of the mag and the top of the box, so it should close fine. :stuck_out_tongue: I can do a wireframe of the closed box if you want.