I made this gun models as a birthday gift for a friend, then I recycled them for the Weekly CG Competition, the topic was “mafia” (gotta recycle what you got to protect the environment, right? :D)
It’s different from the “old” concept of mafia with the Thompson submachine guns, I wanted something a little bit more modern.
Also, for the camouflage gun, let’s say that it belongs to one of the victims and the mafia kept it as a memory :wink:
and I noticed that the bullet on bottom left is not aligned to the floor, but it’s too late now :stuck_out_tongue:
I hope you like it

This is nice. It seems to have an elegance to it.

Judging by the tiles on the floor those guns are gigantic! Other than that it’s great.

Thank you

Maybe they are indeed gigantic guns! :stuck_out_tongue:
but seriously, I had im mind was tiny tiles like these

Yes someone was telling me that as I posted. Had to say it anyway. heehee