I am still modelling bits here and there but I’ve decided to begin the UV process. This is what I did tonight. I’m also fixing up a lot of my geometry as I go.

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Finally!! God this took so long.


Ok basic material test. It’s ready to be sent to substance painter.


A really quick test with substance. Lots of details still to add but I wanted a nicer looking thumbnail for this thread.


Nice materials!
Although they look great
I think the color scheme doesn’t suit this type of Gunship tho

A quick animation test with EEVEE. I will be rendering In cycles I cant get the sense of motion right with the blades motion blur in eevee.


The turnaround looks good and the materials start coming together. The reference is more metallic. The main body in you version has a kind of paint layer, as it seems.

I admire your attention to details. Modelling is very nice.


Having fun with this now.


This is looking amazing! Great work!

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Thanks, Im going to send this to AWS to render this at full res this weekend. Hopefully the costs aren’t too bad.

Let me know what it ended up costing you and if you had any trouble using that service. It would be good to know.

I used it a few years ago and the costs were really good. But It might have changed. I’ll let you know.

I’m going to see if this website is still running.

If not I might purchase the Blender addon from blender market.


If anyone can figure out why my render times are so crazy high I would appreciate it. I feel like I’m always struggling with render times. I’ve tried different tile sizes, I’ve got denoise on. I feel like it shouldn’t be too difficult to render 500 samples. It’s not an interior scene. There isn’t an opportunity for lots of light bounces.

I am getting an out of memory crash on the aws side when I try to gpu render. Which is weird because my GTX980 can render without crashing most of the time. I sent it to aws for cpu rendering with 79 VCPU which I thought would crush it but the render time was still over an hour per frame which would end up costing me close to $1000 for the whole animation. The scene is really basic I just want to find what is bringing these crazy render times.


Andrew Price has a video on speeding up Cycles
If thats the problem, it might help it.
But you can try the default settings if you think you messed things up maybe

Yeah I’ve seen his video and numerous others. I’ve tried in a seperate file bringing the textures from 8k to 2k, I also decimated the object from 1 million verts down to 100k and I’m still getting slow renders. Something is off about the file for sure.

I’ll try default settings thanks.

Woah ok I had a good result turning on open shading language for cpu rendering. That has cut the render time to a tenth. What is this magic button?

IDK what it is
I just do it tho :sweat_smile:

On my terrible cpu it cut down the estimated time from a full day per frame down to 5 hours. This should hopefully work nicely with the CPU option on AWS.

The most beautiful button in Blender.

holy grail