Günther watching TV

Hi! Long time no post here!
My last personnal project : a cartoon charater from 70’s.
Using Blender 2.79, but some tests done with 2.8 (specially eevee)


Awesome, I love your work :slight_smile:

PS: I updated your Vimeo link, but at this moment we’re experiencing an issue with the embeds. I’m talking to their team about this.

Thank’s for the link!

maaaaan what is this
i really like the sock flop thing alot, ,and this remote control, i just dont know what to say,
what is he watching ?
he remaindered me of Flanders from the Simpsons

Excellent animation work. Eevee must be great for your style of work.

@alf0 : indeed the character remind me Flanders too! But I don’t take it as a reference He’s watching a James Bond movie (re-use of a previous character I did few month ago : Jean Bond on Behance
@djwaterman : thank you for your comment ! I do some test with eevee, but too much unstable for yet, and I use a lot of vertex group / hook / cloth and it seems not working very well…But it becomes better and better

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wow this amazing man good work

Brilliant as usual ! Your last characters are hilarious and the animation is great (and funny :wink: ).

Thank you @Itza waiting to see your new stuff!

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

Whaou! Thank’s @bartv

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I love everything about this. Awesome work

Very cool!
Keep it up!

Very funny character, nailed it!

I really digg that small vid you made, also think that looks much nicer than those graded images. I think you wanted that special look, but the color vid looks more attractive to look at than the pics. At least for me it does.

Heh heh.

Nice one pixl! Really cool style.

Thank you @freen

@rombout videos are a mix between different rendering engine : standard OpenGL viewport / Cycles / eeVee

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Amazing work man

he reminds me of one of my professors at University XD
really great!