Günther watching TV


(pixl) #1

Hi! Long time no post here!
My last personnal project : a cartoon charater from 70’s.
Using Blender 2.79, but some tests done with 2.8 (specially eevee)

(Bart Veldhuizen) #2

Awesome, I love your work :slight_smile:

PS: I updated your Vimeo link, but at this moment we’re experiencing an issue with the embeds. I’m talking to their team about this.

(pixl) #3

Thank’s for the link!

(anas) #4

maaaaan what is this
i really like the sock flop thing alot, ,and this remote control, i just dont know what to say,
what is he watching ?
he remaindered me of Flanders from the Simpsons

(djwaterman) #5

Excellent animation work. Eevee must be great for your style of work.

(pixl) #6

@alf0 : indeed the character remind me Flanders too! But I don’t take it as a reference He’s watching a James Bond movie (re-use of a previous character I did few month ago : Jean Bond on Behance
@djwaterman : thank you for your comment ! I do some test with eevee, but too much unstable for yet, and I use a lot of vertex group / hook / cloth and it seems not working very well…But it becomes better and better

(anas) #7

wow this amazing man good work

(Itza) #8

Brilliant as usual ! Your last characters are hilarious and the animation is great (and funny :wink: ).

(pixl) #9

Thank you @Itza waiting to see your new stuff!

(Bart Veldhuizen) #10

You’re #featured, enjoy :slight_smile:

(pixl) #11

Whaou! Thank’s @bartv

(tyrant monkey) #12

I love everything about this. Awesome work

(Oliver Maier) #13

Very cool!
Keep it up!

(SilverTill) #14

Very funny character, nailed it!

(rombout) #15

I really digg that small vid you made, also think that looks much nicer than those graded images. I think you wanted that special look, but the color vid looks more attractive to look at than the pics. At least for me it does.

(freen) #16

Heh heh.

Nice one pixl! Really cool style.

(pixl) #17

Thank you @freen

(pixl) #18

@rombout videos are a mix between different rendering engine : standard OpenGL viewport / Cycles / eeVee

(Gaston Pescadere) #19

Amazing work man


he reminds me of one of my professors at University XD
really great!