Gurre Medieval Castle

I’d like some focused critique on this render - a reconstruction of Gurre Castle in Denmark, 15th c.

I’ve done a lot of work already making the tiling less obvious on the bricks and roof.
What else can be improved?

This is meant to be an Eevee-only render, since I’m making an animation.

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Great work overall :slight_smile: I feel like the sky is way too dark for the lighting. Your sky is darker than this image:

And notice how dark and colorless the castle is there. Your castle is brightly lit and brightly colored, almost like there’s an extremely powerful spotlight on it, except the shadows aren’t stark enough for that.

Thank you.
I have trouble adjusting the lighting so that you can both see the sky, the source of light (sun/god rays) and the brick texturing I’ve put so much effort into.

My problem is that if I place the sun so you see the god rays/source of light, the castle gets way too dark. and If I choose to lit it in bright daylight, it looks boring.

Is this one better?


yeah I like this lighting :slight_smile: it’s of course really up to what you think looks good, art is very subjective, but I do think this looks a lot more realistic than your last render. It has really good atmosphere as well