Guru christmas competition entry!

Hi all!! this is my entry!! hope you like it and merry christmas!!


The model is awesome. But the expression looks weird. Also I think an night ilumination would work better instead of this instead bright white light. Have you thougt about changing the background?

thanksi’ll give it a try

Really good job. Nice Legs and concept, but there is a large distance between the breasts and collarbone that seems a bit too high, not?

Wanted to post nearly the same, some weird emotion in her face and agree with the torso dimensions of TONI CARVALHO.

All the rest is amazing! great work!
How long have you been woring on her?

I like woman ,nudity"…from sculptor site Its nice to see serious woman body model /for blenderartists conditions/ , can be little bit better postpro with better light game, but I like this one for 5*

small update … this body model is great

Oh man amazing work!
I wish Blender could have an option to export to reality as bone and meat model. I would certainly export your model!

There is a strange line between breasts and shaded part of the head looks too flat, but I wouldn’t do better job, great work!
Like the materials, especially stockings.

You’re gonna get Andrew in trouble with Chloe…

5 stars from me !

Really nice one. Good job! :slight_smile:

5 stars…

To much blackness on the left of the face Imho.

Thanks everyone~~

and subzeropanda sure ~ but I need few days to make the file size more smaller …beacuse I made too many objects and large size

in this scene…so please wait and thanks again~

Despite critics, i like THAT expression, it’s not that sweet lollipop expected, it’s for some reason real, unexpected… I like it, even if i wouldn’t be happy to see that in real :slight_smile:
Technically - collar bone to shoulder too sharp, palms, left one especially, groove between breasts, bit here bit there- cutting hair probably, nm :slight_smile:
Well done!

Bone to shoulder, yes, not right. Especially on this occasion.
But, the render is what I don’t like. Is killing everything.
Lot of work, well done. Modeling at its best! Please find a better render engine or a better setup. It needs SSS, better background, better lighting, desperately.

If you replaced the string-bow thing with a pair of handcuffs you’d sell a million christmas cards.

Just sayin’…

I was sorry to see this didn’t get in the top three, thought it was kinda prudish to say that it was inappropriate. Anyway it’s his competition so his rules I guess. I think it’s a great image, nice one.

for me there is a incompatibility from the face very tied
and the leg so perfect roundly
I don’t like the backgound…
but all very good!!!