Gus bones mirroring

I am modelizing Gus from the blender guide 2.3 and fail to mirror its right armatures I created. I try to scale but it scales on the bad axis for its leg. I have also tried to mirror but this has no effect, the duplicate of the armature is not mirrored and doesn’t move. If I follow the tutorial and click on MKEY for mirroring I obtain the popup which is used for attributing layouts. If I click on TABKEY I have the mirror when I click on MKEY but mirroring has no effect.

Despite what the tutorial says, Mirror is CTRL-M. That might solve some of your problems.

You must make sure your cursor is in the vertical centre of Gus and that you’ve selected the cursor option in the rotating/scaling menu for the Mirror to flip properly (you must also be sure you modelled him in front view or you’ll need to choose something other than x-local.)

Not sure what your scaling-axis problem is. Maybe check the Rotate/Pivot options or the Global/Local options.

Andy D.

That’s ok with (after ESC) 3D cursor on the center of gus, local mode selected and CTRL-M :slight_smile: