Gus misses out

this is a thought that developed as i moved on from the begging ‘chores’ of learning
unluckily for gus the sunlight is blocking the view of an extra terrestrial being

hope you like it

comments would be very helpful thank you


Lol, I love ideas like this. Maybe tweak the environment, like putting him on a table instead of in the corner of a room, and I’d work a bit on the texture of the gingerbread man dude, but that’s a creative use of lighting, and the crumbs on the floor add a really awesome touch. I want to wipe them off my screen!

Welcome to the forums! I agree that the corner of the room thing is a little odd. Either it is a really high window or a particularly short room. It would make ‘sense’ I guess for a walking food item to be on a table more so than the floor. Perhaps there could be another character or two that can see the spaceship around him on the table too.

I love the Gus tutorial, it’s wat finally got my head around Blender. Glad to see it is still in use! :slight_smile:

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