Gus splitting problem

Hi all,

sorry for repeating this question, but the solutions i found didn’t work for me.
When i’m posing Gus i move a leg and gus splits in his half. I have tried selecting the edgeloops and removing doubles and then ctrl + N to fix the normals but it doesnt work for me. I have also tried selecting all vertices and doing the steps i say before.

Anyone can help me?

have you joined the two halves into one object yet , select both halves and press ‘ctrl j’ if you havent done this yet

I don’t know how close to the tutorial you were following, but I can think of a couple things that could be the problem. It would be a big help if you posted you .blend file for us to look at, but I am guessing that 1) you haven’t actually joined both halves of Gus by selecting all vertices (A key) and removing doubles (W key, select Remove Doubles). Or, that when you duplicated your meshes that you were in Object Mode and instead of duplicating a mesh inside of the object, you duplicated the object itself. The way you could fix that would be to select both objects in Object Mode by selecting one and Shift+clicking the other and join meshes (Ctrl + J). Then you would have to complete the remove doubles procedure as described above, but that should get you with one whole gingerbread man. If you still can’t figure it out, post a .blend and someone will be happy to look at it for you.

thank you for your replies,

i really don’t know what was happening, but what i do was zoom a lot to see the vetices that were not joiningm and then i put them the closest i could to each other, then i tried again to remove duplicates and then ctrl + N to fix the normals, and it worked, i guess there was a little distance between the edgeloops i was trying to join.