In spite of the current manual,and ver 2.34, i actually got gus to move arms and legs.
YES i followed the stuff that worked and adjusted otherwise.
Now how do i get gus to walk over the plane, oh ,and perhaps he should take his eyes, mouth and buttons!

Congratulations on setting up Gus and welcome to the world of Blender.

[I realized you could probably skip all this, but I included it in case you wanted to see my original idea.]
To have his eyes, mouth, and buttons move with him, you have to parent the armature to them as well. Select the eyes and the armature (make sure you select the armature last as it will be your parent) and hit Ctrl-P to parent. Now you can either select “Armature” or “Bone.” If you only want them to be moved by one bone, select “Bone” and select the bone you want to move them. (I haven’t seen the Gus tutorial in a while, I’m not sure exactly how the armature is set up.) If you select “Armature,” you’ll probably want to do “Create from Closest Bones.” Repeat for the mouth and buttons.

I bet you think there’s an easier way. Well, there is. I just took a look at the guid and realized that that probably wouldn’t work anyway. Select all of the “parts” and then Gus’s body before skinning and Ctrl-J to join them into one mesh. Then skin away.

Now, to make him walk. I think the guide actually describes it pretty well on But to actually make him move forward, you’ll have to insert keyframes (I-key) on the armature itself when it is selected in Object Mode, then advance a few frames, Grab it, move it forward, and insert a keyframe.

I hope this helped you more than confused you. Good luck!