I bought the Blender 2.3 guide and working my way thru the Gus tutorial. At some point you should push the SubSurf toggle button. But it’s not in the interface.

In Figure 4.16. The Edit Buttons window its visible but not on my pc.

Any thoughts on this?

that doc is old.

the subsurf is now a modifier.
you wil find it there!


Found it. Thanks.

You will find more differences when you come to rigging and skinning Gus.

Look here for the updated tutorial using the new system.

Thanks a lot. It saves me a lot of searching in the interface.

I just recently downloaded Blender and I want to learn it so that I can start making things of my own design. So I have the latest version and I decided to go to the FAQ section of the main site and looked at what books to read… So here I am reading the Gus tutorial and I must say my gingerbread man looks pretty good…

After seeing that the newest version of Blender did not match up with the old tutorial I came here and found the new link…

But I am still having issues finding certain buttons… my version still does not seem to match up with the tutorial’s figures… I am currently in the animation part of the tutorial and when I have the Right Arm bone selected, I am unable to find the “select” button. I see it in the tutorial’s figure but I cannot see it in Blender.

I am pretty sure I am doing everything correctly but perhaps I am not… that is why I am here. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you’re doing the skinning, in which case you need to have the mesh selected in Edit Mode then you can find the “select” button in the “Vertex Groups” panel.

If this isn’t what you’re doing then can you be more specific about which bit of the tutorial you’re stuck on?

Ahh, thank you for responding. I am currently at work so I can’t work on my gingerbread man right now but the confusion was during this step:

Select the Right arm group (Arm.R) and, with all vertices de-selected (A, if needed) press Select. You should see something like (Gus in EditMode with all the vertices of group Arm.R selected).

In edit mode, I had Arm. R selected. Now in the figure in this tutorial there are buttons under Link and Materials which include the select button I am looking for.

In, blender I did not see those options under Link and Materials. I had the Arm.R selected in EditMode.

I see this link in your sig,
I will have to check it out sometime when I have time. :slight_smile:

Ahh, you missed the critical word “group” (select the right arm group). This means, select the mesh then in the vertex groups panel (Links and Materials) select the Arm.R group from the pop-up.

Continue from there.