Guy Falls Through Floor

I have an armatured character with walk cycle and he keeps falling thorugh the floor. Its the darnest thing, I can’t figure out these bounding box things. Any advice? How should I set the armature, the floor, and the character’s body.

I haven’t baked the animation or anything, but I have the logic bricks set up so that when u press walk forward, the walk cycle animates and he moves forward. But his shins fall throught the floor and then at random points he falls through floor and also if u walk off the floor, he just floats.

make a box (at his feet) and parented the armatures to the box.
Make the box Dynamic and give it the convex hull polytope bound. Make the characters mesh not have collision on and don’t make the armatures dynamic.

hope that made sense.

I’ve tried it and it still doesn’t work correctly. Can anyone look at the blend file for me. Its crazy frustrating to have spent so much time learning what I’ve learned only to not know how to keep the guy from falling through the floor =(

Hmmm i checked out the file and made him not fall thru the ground but now he is flying thru the air instead…

yeah i can get him to do the same thing, but he won’t stick to the ground is the problem, either he floats above it, or he falls right through it.

thanks for trying anyway though