Guy in armor (short video including breakdown)

This project of mine has as always been a learning experience that took way to many hours. :slight_smile:
I started on this guy a long time ago but the final image was not to my satisfaction.
With Cycles coming along I decided to port all the textures and redo the environment and composition.
I also made it a short animation to better display the work i put down on the guy.
This is a finished project but i would like to know what you think of it.
Please watch in HD, it’s so much better.


The amount of responses after two days are a bit less than I hoped for.
I really do wan’t to know what you think. Be cruel if you wan’t I can take it. :slight_smile:

You have the same problem I do, we work for days and years and get crickets. It’s taken me a while to realize crickets ARE a response. Don’t take it as disccouragement, take it as motivation to improve (at least I try to).

When I watched it, it looked like you majored on the minors. I haven’t even spent near the time you have on the details of compositing and texturing when the real issue was the structure of the face and the overall feel of the armor. The mouth crease was too far away from the corners of the character’s mouth and his over all expression is sort of (don’t take it wrong…)… sort of goofy. The composition of the shot makes it feel like your going for serious and bloody along with serious audio, but then you pan up to his face and … well elmer fudish. If I were you I’d push it over the top, have him wink and give a stupid grin with a thumbs, it would add a comic twist at the end and sort of validate in the audiences mind that you agree with them and it would make them laugh… instead they sort of go… ok and move on without leaving a comment.

p.s. Trust me I have the same problem you do so this is commiseration not condesention.

“Crickets” are a response from me also. If i don’t comment on your work, it either means i didn’t see it or i don’t see anything too bad about it that needs improving. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, lovely composition, texturing and modeling. Nothing much i can crit without nitpicking. :wink:

Very nice work. I like the little breakdown.

I’m agreeing with you NRK.
the face is not the same quality as the rest. It stands out in a bad way. (goofy)
It’s the “humans” near impossible to sell as real, we are just to attuned to “errors”. :slight_smile:
Tanks for the feedback, I will take it with me to my next projects.

It really depends on what you’re going for. If you are trying to showcase modeling skills, take a peek at the VFS modeling reels… that’s a good example. To me… I had to turn the music down… and the DoF and particles are distracting from an analysis standpoint. All of that is if you are attempting to showcase your modeling though. There is also no follow-up turntable with wireframes. You seem to have a pretty strong grasp on materials/textures/compositing/rendering/etc… but some of the foundational knowledge of anatomy and composition (not the same as compositing) seems a bit off.
I can’t tell if you are going for more of a toon-ish type thing or more of a photorealistic type thing… or a hybrid… so further critique isn’t really possible. I think that if you continue to put these kinds of breakdowns out though, you will teach a lot of people a great deal about how to make shots that aren’t just hitting render and praying to god that cycles will save their scene :wink:

If you need a critique on the modeling, I personally would like to see just a turntable, which showcases that. If it’s the rendering part of it, then the breakdown you have is fine, but it’s a different “cut” than what you have to begin with. It’s difficult to judge the modeling aspect without more details (wireframe, t-pose, etc.), and it’s difficult to judge the rendering aspect because you show the final render, then cut to a different view to show the breakdown. Not trying to be harsh, just need a better presentation, if you will.

The face ruins it a bit in my opinion. I wouldn’t leave it here but improve the face and make a great portfolio piece. It’s not far from being really good so don’t put it aside yet.

Hi! thank you for the feedback. I might have to get back and make something about the face and tone down the blur.
Here is a wireframe turntable, Should have had it from the start, don’t know why I decided against it.