Guy not from here

Hello to everybody,

new to blender, had to finish modeling some years ago because of studying. Try to focus more on blender and get back to hopefuly a lot of more projects with it! :slight_smile:

I need some opinions on my new character:

Its sculpted in blender 2.5 beta. Body will follow. i’m not sure of the propotions with the head… This should NOT be a “real” human… want to combine some phantasie character with a human touch.

Thank you for everything and your opinion!

Looks pretty good for a start on a cartoonish character.
The base of the mandible should be a little wider to meed with the end of the zygomatic arch. Or vice-versa, but to keep those pronounced arches, I would suggest just widening the jaw.

Thank you for that. i tried to wide the jaw to make it more similar to the human cranium… and i added some more details. Unfortunately i get my intous back tomorrow, so for more details i have to wait :slight_smile:

well its good for a starter. but if you say thats not supposed to be human, id make him some horns on the head :slight_smile: i think he would be more instersting with them…:slight_smile: its just a suggestion:)

I like that suggestion :slight_smile: I think you saved my day :smiley: i will try to give him some horns :ba: