Guy shooting a sniper rifle

What do you think???

I’m gonna use it for my game.


It is awesome man.

That is so cool.

I wish I could make that.

Looks rather high poly for use in a game. Plus its lacking a texture map, which it really needs.

Also its pretty obvious that ‘Q-Man’ is also a Avatar being used by the same person as ‘vanlangjahr’. I can see that your posting under his names only into threads made by vanlangjar, most likely to bump them and try to encourage a positive reaction in other users.
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Praising yourself and bumping threads constantly like this will annoy everyone (or maybe just me?)

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Interesting piece of info here, it’s made my evening. I laugh!

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so how come he has the same signature as you?

see, there you go again, you just posted twice to bump your own thread. The modeling is nice on the gun but needs a texture map definitely and change it so you cannot see the background plus delete those vertices on to of the shell becuase that is hollow in real life.

That hilarious, sorry dude but your weird. And that gun realy doesnt look all that great, honestly. And stop trying to play it off, both avatars are guns, you have the same sigs., and nobody would think that gun is soo good to post three times about it, so please… knock it off son :ba:.

oMG! I’m getting tired of this! I even reported him as spam! he is on my development team!!! Jesus *#(ing Christ!!!

I swear to god.

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You didnt seem to have any problems with him at all before I posted my comment.

We all aint falling for this :no:

From this angle it looks like the butt of the rifle is placed agains the shooters chest, rather than agains the shoulder.

Also the flying shell indicates that a shot has just been fired. This means that the shooters cheek should still be agains the stock and he should still be looking through the telescopic sight. His hand also looks very small compared to the rifle